Monday, March 2, 2009

Short Sale & Foreclosure for San Fernando Valley & Ventura County - February 2009

San Fernando Valley:

Ventura County:

Here are the Foreclosure (REO) and Short Sale numbers as a percentage of closed sale for February 2009. I think for Ventura County the lack of REO supply is starting to affect the numbers, though too much can be read into the slow months. I think as the selling season starts we will see these percentages decrease somewhat but the majority of sales will still be distressed. If new distressed inventory doesn't come on the market soon (next 3-4 months) I think we could see a significant slowdown in sales by mid-year there. The San Fernando Valley should fair better because they are still working through a backlog and so supply issues won't be a problem for the next few months.

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djviking21 said...

Thanks again E.D.....interesting that VC contingent sfr listings are way above all other areas...thoughts? reasons?