Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekly Housing Inventory update for SFV & Ventura - 08/29/09

Here are the weekly inventory and pending counts for Ventura County and the San Fernando Valley. For the legend Single Family Homes is abbreviated SFH, Ventura County is abbreviated VC and San Fernando Valley is abbreviated SFV. For readers who might not know, REO are bank owned foreclosures and short sales are owners hoping to sell the home for less than what is owed on the mortgage balance.

Update: Please see the home page for the latest graphs, I am reverting earlier weeks to text to maintain site speed.

San Fernando Valley:
Single Family Homes
Active - Total 1906
Active - Short sale 535
Active - REO 145
Backup - Total 718
Backup - Short sale 426
Backup - REO 38
Pending - Total 1569
Pending - Short sale 783
Pending - REO 345
Distressed active / Total active = 35.7%
Distressed pending / Total Pending = 71.9%

Active - Total 629
Active - Short sale 313
Active - REO 60
Backup - Total 270
Backup - Short sale 209
Backup - REO 13
Pending - Total 537
Pending - Short sale 285
Pending - REO 127
Distressed active / Total active = 59.3%
Distressed pending / Total Pending = 76.7%

Ventura County:
Single Family Homes
Active - Total 1456
Active - Short sale 193
Active - REO 108
Contingent - Total 959
Contingent - Short sale 635
Contingent - REO 50
Pending - Total 670
Pending - Short sale 198
Pending - REO 183
Distressed active / Total active = 20.7%
Distressed pending / Total Pending = 56.9%
Release from Showing 288

Active - Total 430
Active - Short sale 104
Active - REO 33
Contingent - Total 424
Contingent - Short sale 319
Contingent - REO 24
Pending - Total 275
Pending - Short sale 91
Pending - REO 85
Distressed active / Total active = 31.9%
Distressed pending / Total Pending = 64.0%
Release from Showing 76


Anonymous said...

i am amazed at the amount of data you provide...yet the more data you provide, harking back to Say's Law ( supply creates its own demand ), creates the tantalizing need for more data....

for instance, in some charts you have stratified the market into price buckets...yet in your active lisitng slide you show a story of declining active lisitings....yet as you point out the market is at least two tiered...low price and high price...the decline in active lisitngs seems to be a reflection of the feeding frenzy in the low priced sector....though the high priced sector continues to have abundant inventory....

any way to show a time seried of price bucketed active lisitings...maybe high and low, or some other slice and dice?

Effective Demand said...


Thanks for the great comment. Everytime I ask myself a question and then go try to answer it invariably leads to more questions instead of being satisfied with the answer.

Some of the limitations are in the amount of time I can spend massaging the data and other limitations are in the data itself (some of it cant be automated). But for your particular question some additional color can be provided by the inventory vs demand charts like I posted yesterday, most can be seen at the following link:

Unfortunately there isnt a long timeline for that series because I didnt start collecting the data until recently.

Ideally I would be able to somewhat automate all this, I have done it for some data series, others I can't because of limitations of the systems. And since I cant automate it then my time limitation comes into play.

But keep the data requests coming, I may not be able to fill them immediately but as I work on the data I might think of new ways to fill the requests that I hadnt thought of before.

Effective Demand said...

p.s. One of the big problems with the demand vs inventory chart is that it doesn't break out condo vs SFH. The two are performing differently and I really need 2 graphs to show the difference. The weekly charts somewhat help but the weekly charts dont show sales because of some limitation and variability in how they are reported.