Friday, April 17, 2009

Trustee Sales for LA and Ventura County - mid-April update

Trustee Sales for Los Angeles County for 2009:

Trustee Sales for Ventura County for 2009:

Data courtesy of ForeclosureRadar. These graphs are the results of trustee sales so far this year until April 16th. Most sales are still getting postponed. 3rd party sales are investors buying at the courthouse steps and Beneficiary means the sale reverted to the lender. I don't have a good way of segmenting out the San Fernando Valley from the larger set of Los Angeles County yet. These sales should be viewed in the context of the
REOs closed so far per month to see how REO inventory is getting worked off, And this months ForeclosureRadar report for March 2009 for all of California which shows how the foreclosure floodwaters are rising. I will update this dataset mid-month and the first of every month.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the fraction of 3rd pary buyers seems to have been climing steadily in Los Angeles, but peaked pretty hard for Ventura in March.

Effective Demand said...

There is this one investor group working Ventura foreclosure sales pretty hard. Especially active in the Moorpark/Simi area and somewhat the Conejo valley. They always use the same listing agent and ownership structure on the houses so they are easy to track.

I'm also noticing a couple other agents trying to copy their success.