Monday, April 27, 2009

Countrywide is gone.

For those driving out the 101 or 118 in Ventura County you would have seen this already but Bank Of America has rebranded all the Countrywide buildings with the BofA logo. The operation goes further than just putting the new logos on the buildings but eradicating the name across the whole company. Countrywide broker & correspondent formerly found at redirects you to BofA wholesale. From the LA Times :
Burying the Countrywide name is wise, said Bruce D. Miller, chief executive of Dailey, a West Hollywood advertising firm, whose clients have included several lenders.

"I think it was just too toxic to resuscitate," he said.


Rob Dawg said...

Check out my comment at the Star.

Anonymous said...

One crook in...the other crook out.

And it continues...

This was the scam of the millennium.

Maggie Knowles said...

Countrywide Fraud
Nice blog full of facts and data, thank you. I'll be back.