Thursday, July 10, 2008


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Someone I know is just back from Zimbabwe and brought me some local currency. With all the talk of rampant inflation here in the good ole US of A it is painfully clear our rookie central banker Bernanke is outclassed by his counterpart in Zimbabwe. Now that is a central banker who knows how to stimulate spending. One might think that inflation running at 100,000% a year is more than enough to encourage people to spend their money right away. But I personally think the expiration date on the bill is pure genius. Certainly a great way to get those dollars to burn a hole in your pocket. The next economic stimulus given out should be given in Zimbabwe dollars.

The exchange rate on 50,000,000 Zimbabwe dollars comes out to about a third of a penny. But that math is a couple hours old, inflation there is running at 11% an HOUR..

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