Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ventura County January 2010 Home Sales

Dataquick reported home sales for Ventura County for January 2010 today. Home sales came in at 530 down 8.3% YoY. The median sales price came in at $360,000 up 7.5% YoY. This report was exactly in line with the prediction I made at the beginning of the month. Slowing YoY sales due to constricted inventory, the second worst monthly sales on record. The market is in an artificial state, low sales and high prices because that is exactly the stated goal of the various government agencies. It is amazing to think that their goal is to keep housing unaffordable but that is exactly what is happening.

Just to add to the insanity, I have a bid in on another house. The price isn't great but the house meets every one of our other criteria and I've only seen one other houses since 2005 that has done that even close to our price range.


Bill Watkins said...

Hope you get that house.

Effective Demand said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Rob Dawg said...

Good luck. There's a house of a former friend on Grove. It is my latest canary.

Effective Demand said...


If there is any info I can provide just let me know.