Monday, June 15, 2009

Foreclosure update for Los Angeles and Ventura County Mid-June 2009

Los Angeles County:

Ventura County:

Source: ForeclosureRadar
Here is the trustee sale update for Ventura and Los Angeles County for sales through June 15th, 2009. Third party sales continue their heavy pace as investors continue to exploit the lack of inventory on the market. Los Angeles county is on pace for a level of foreclosures not seen since last September. Ventura is much slower ramping up. I think sales might not end up as strong as the second half of the month as the first half due to volume of scheduled sales. I think sales will probably only increase 10%-15% MoM. The market could sure use the supply.

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Noz said...

To compound the problem, buying foreclosures these days is not only very limited, but also next to impossible to finalize quickly.

People think this stuff is over? Man oh man....we're hardly done.

It infuriates me when stupid sites like CNNMONEY claim housing starts are at an all time high....

Well...I guess anything divided by zero would seem high.