Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Fernando Valley April 2009 sales report

San Fernando Valley Single Family Home sales came in at 691 which is up 7.97% MoM and 26.33 YoY. Median prices came in at $355,000 which is up 2.60% MoM and down 23.66 YoY. This was the third worst April on record for SFH sales. Inventory is only light because new supply is being stopped from being brought on market. Sales are not "brisk", sales are very low, Inventory of the price ranges that are selling (Low end REOs) are low as well.

Condo sales came in at 210 which is up 1.44% MoM and up 43.83% YoY. Median price came in at $222,800 which is up 11.40% MoM and down 25.73% YoY. Condo sales are still historically weak.

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