Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just some interesting tidbits and articles

Rates pretty much recovered from Wednesday massive sell off.. that inspired this look at Fridays rally from a MBS blogger:

Lots of mortgage brokers and bond traders are breathing a sigh of relief.
Well, the inventory is going down,” Mr. Zell said, according to a transcript. “The affordability is going up. The government is making serious efforts to provide financing. And I think it’s slowly working. And the best thing that could happen is if we could accelerate all the foreclosures. Because I think they represent a drag on the market.”
I agree completely. Liquidating into a market with low rates, tax credit and prices still above historic norms certainly makes a lot of sense.
“The state of California is in financial ruin,” Stumpf told those attending a statewide microfinance lenders’ conference at Stanford University. “The budget deficit in California is staggering.”
“Today we’re charging off loans to people we should have made loans to,” said Stumpf, reiterating that the bank avoided many of the exotic mortgages offered by rivals.
The main brunt of the State, county and local cuts have yet to be felt. Usually governments are expanding during downturns to be the "spender of last resort". But this time there is no rainy day fund or another till to tap. I also enjoyed the second quote, the fact that a CEO of a major institution can talk so flippantly about giving out money to people who could never hope to pay it back is just amazing to me.
The great news here is that the tax credit can't be used as a source for the initial 3.5% down payment. It can be used for closing costs or additional down payment but it does not allow for 100% financing. Its effect will be marginal on the market.

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