Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekly Active/Pending counts SFV & Ventura - 11/08/08

I'm going to post the weekly inventory counts for Ventura County and the San Fernando Valley as more time goes by this data set will become more useful.

San Fernando Valley:
Active 4280
Backup 385
Pending 1386

Active 1471
Backup 122
Pending 432

Ventura County:
Active 2474
Contingent 589
Pending 681
Release from Showing 306

Active 784
Contingent 174
Pending 235
Release from Showing 71

As an update to the previous post estimating SFV sales, It appears that October will be the best month of the year for SFH in SFV. October has 31 days and had 5 fridays this last month (more homes close on Friday), in addition both the Short sale and REO numbers increased as a percentage of solds (especially in Ventura). The banks are staying motivated.

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