Monday, September 22, 2008

San Fernando Valley August 2008 sales charts

I don't see the official stats released on the SRAR site but a friend emailed me the official stats for August.

August official sales stats are out for the San Fernando Valley. SFH sales came in at 666 which was a 7.11% decline MoM and 20.65% improvement YoY. SFH median was $425,000 which was a 2.3 % decline MoM and 34.11% decline YoY. My guesstimates were ~700 for SFH sales, off about 5%. 2 months in a row I estimated 5% too high for preliminary sales, next month I will use 10% instead of 15% for my initial estimates.

Condo sales came in at 172 which was 16.1% decline MoM and -8.5% decline YoY. The median price Condo for July was $275,0000 off 1.8% MoM and down 29.3% YoY. My guess was ~176 sales for Condos which is getting pretty close. Condos continues to perform horribly.
Since the rest of the stats haven't been released I don't have pendings, I will update this post when I get official numbers.

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